Brunch for the Punggol Residence – Whisk and Paddle

When I first moved to Punggol, the comments went from “where is that?”, “omg that’s so far away!” to “are you still in Singapore?” It was pretty annoying. Today, Waterway Point is by far one of the best neighbourhood malls. In fact, there’s possible more foot traffic here than that of malls in Orchard.

The hubby and have made a pact to spend at least once a week doing what I use to like doing – discovering new (debatable, revisit work) dining places and blog about it. It was one of the main reasons why we revamped the entire EdSabLove website.

Definitely not my best of photos, can almost guess who took it…

This week, we paid Whisk and Paddle a visit, and they did not disappoint, not much at least. I have a thing for all day breakfasts (since the likeliness of me actually having a real breakfast is slim), given there were only two options on the list, we had the egg benedict with smoke salmon (SGD 13).

It was rather unique, it’s probably the first time I had egg benedict served on waffles.

I wouldn’t say I liked or disliked the switch but one thing is for sure, Wild Honey taste and all was far superior, which also explains the price difference. Perhaps if the waffles was a little warmer and fluffier, it’d have a better score on the taste department.

Hubby did a bit of homework for a change. He read that their earl grey lemon pound (SGD 2.50 per slice) was highly recommended, so we ordered that and served them both together.

I would recommend taking our main dish first before approaching the earl grey lemon pound, the taste was a little strong and leaves a fragrant after taste which could affect the next dish if it were a little blend.

That said, I would also highly recommend having the earl grey lemon pound, worth every penny – the presentation could have been better but given its cost, its 100 percent value for money and delightful. Hmmm… a pot of tea would be nice right about now.

Food aside, I think there’s also liveband once in a while?

Not to mention, the scenery was splendid.

The natural breeze, the greenery, the walking pavement, the reservoir… something out of the norm to our little cosmopolitan island. Well, guess the “are you still in Singapore?” comment is justified afterall.

I’m totally loving the little Halloween theme they got going.

Everything was almost perfect apart from my defective camera.

Dear Samsung, I’m very disappointed. The camera lens died on me sometime back – first it couldn’t detect the lens, now the sensor has gone nuts so I can’t keep it at 9mm range. If I were a heavy users, I would totally understand, but I barely use it and now that they have discontinued the NX Mini, I couldn’t even get a lens replacement. So if you plan to get a camera, probably wanna stick to the big boys, the new kid (not exactly new) isn’t score too well.

I’m looking out for a new camera, ideally pink so it matches my car and just about every other gadget accessory I own.

Till the next dining experience.

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