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EdSabLove has been on hiatus due to the development of Sab’s platform SAUCEink. Fortunately, as things take a turn for the better, we are back and better than ever. For one, previously we only had our sound studio, now we have our own photo/video studio, which is available for rental at just SGD20 during off-peak hours and SGD35 during peak hours, minimum of three (3) hours per booking. Members package are at SGD200 dollars per year giving you up to 10 hours of usages peak or off-peak hours and 10 percent off rental and value added services; first come first serve basis, priority to members.

Aside from the backdrop and lights, there’s a selection of apparel, including gowns, you can use for your shoot, but of course, caution is required, once damaged considered sold.

More information to be uploading soon on our microsite! What’s more?

Are you thinking of creating your own jingle (for your company or personal usage), novice song album or simply thinking of picking up guitar, ukulele or even singing lessons?

Fun facts of EdSabLove, while Sab is a geek, Ed is a musician. Not only does he sing, he also plays the guitar, ukelele and piano (play by ear style).

Together Ed and Sab brings Love to you and the world!

So where are these dynamic dual right now? Just four (4) hours flights away, Ed and Sab is currently in the Philippines! Sab, the adult of the two, has a meeting with the good folks at Manila Fashion Festival, hoping to seal a collaboration deal to not only showcase the indie designers on the SAUCEink Marketplace platform in Philippines, but also bring the beauty designs, colours, patterns and textile from Philippines back to Singapore!

The journey is tough, and possibly take more than just one meeting, but in time to come, the vision for creating the style platform for tomorrow, connecting people in Asia and beyong, will eventually materialise!

Are you a fashion designer or aspiring fashion entrepreneur? Join Sab and become a vendor at SAUCEink Marketplace, and get feaured in SAUCEink Magazine on a regular basis!

Thinking of starting your own brand but not sure how to go about it? Drop Sab an email for consultation! Starting up isn’t difficult, the challenge is the know-how to get things done. At SAUCEink, we tie up with the necessary partners to help you grow your ecommerce business from merchandising, to marketing, down to the fulfilment online and off.

Packages go as low as SGD1,000 a year! Yes, not a month, but 12 whole months!

Talk to Sab and let her help you! Skype calls are most appreciated, cost effective, international, and current.

Now, where were we, oh yes! Back in the Philippines!

Aside from the oh-so-important business meeting, Sab’s best friend from Philippines is finally getting MARRIED and Sab finally gets to become a bridesmaid, twice this year!

Once upon a time, Sab wanted to be bridesmaid but her girlfriends just wouldn’t get married, but her guyfriends on the other hand, does. Four (4) times groomswoman, possibly record high, finally Sab gets to wear a dress for a wedding!

Ten (10) whole days in the Philippines with only two (2) major agendas. Sooo….

EdSabLove’s new mission for 2016, GET SAB BACK IN SHAPE!

In the last 14 months since Ed and Sab have been together, Sab went from a size S-M to a size L. Comfort in a relationship can be a deadly curse.

As the Ed and Sab ties the knot, it’s time for Sab to actually get back in shape and fit into that oh-so-gorgeous wedding dress!

Now to think about it, any sponsors keen to do a bridezilla conversion reality programme? Don’t worry, we have your numbers/emails and will be contacting you for sponsorship! Haha.

Signing off now, narrator, EdSabLove.

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