How to Manage and Motivate Your Salespeople

If you own a company that sells a product, your biggest assets are your salespeople. In knowing this, it is your obligation to find ways to manage and motivate them well, so that they can give you the best revenue and the best business. When doing this, you shouldn’t only be worried about reaching the highest quotas, but you should also be concerned about securing your current and future clients with your company. This is what brings them back time and time again, thus earning you even more money. Thinking up ways to keep your salespeople happy will ensure that they stay with the business and work their hardest to reach your top goals.

One of the best ways to motivate your sales team is to offer great commission and bonus packages. By far, commission is much better than offering hourly or salaried wages because it motivates them to work harder to sell your products or services. In their minds, it’s the more they sell, the more they make, so this drives them to be selling machines. Then if you add some bonuses on there, you will really see some great results.

When dealing with bonuses, you can set it up so that whenever they reach a certain goal they get even more money added to their commission. So if for every 50 sales you offer a $100 bonus, this will motivate them to make 50, 100 or 150 sales weekly or monthly, whichever is more realistic. The whole point is to make the deal sweeter, so that your salespeople will want to sell more and more. Creating goals for your sales team will also keep them on track for making lots of sales; most companies give their sales team quotas to meet daily, weekly or monthly. It is important that you keep your goals realistic, so that your salespeople won’t get frustrated and stressed out; this will make more people want to quit working for you. You can even ask them to help you set up goals that seem doable to them; this way both parties are satisfied.

Another method is to offer training.  If you can teach your employees to be great salespeople they will feel more confident when dealing with your clients. They will then end up making more sales and deal with various clients justly. Their stress levels will go down because they will know techniques to use to deal with different situations.

Giving your employees feedback on their work can also help manage and motivate them to become better salespeople. Knowing what areas you’re doing good and not doing so well in can help employees focus more on the poor errors and keep up the good work in the areas they’re doing great in.

Not only should you reward your employees for the good work they’re doing, but you should also offer advancement opportunities. Give your salespeople the chance to move up in the company and this will definitely motivate them to do a better job in their current field.

Listening to what your employees have to say is just as important as them listening to you. Having an open communication with your sales staff will give you the opportunity to discuss the problems in the workplace and allow both ends to address what needs to be changed or what areas are doing well. Try to build trust with your salespeople, so that they can come to you without feeling pressured or afraid. Also, when your employees trust you, they won’t question your demands. Whatever you do don’t pressure your workers or you’ll get bad results.

Remember, your salespeople are like a vehicle. You want to buy the best products from Advance Auto Parts to keep it working well. The same goes for your workers, use the best techniques to help them flourish.

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